MIGIP supports farmers in Cambodia with new technology

The livelihoods of about half of Cambodia's population depends on agriculture. However, the work in the fields is often painstaking manual work done without machines. Moreover, most farmers do not use irrigation systems, so they can only cultivate during the rainy season and, accordingly, only harvest once a year. Productivity in agriculture is low and yields are small. A third of the population lives below the poverty line.

MIGIP is a project by Swisscontact. The aim is to increase productivity in agriculture through the use of innovative technologies. The project focuses on soil treatment, harvesting and storage. Required are approaches that farmers can afford and that allow them to increase their yields and produce sustainably in the longer term. This will give Cambodia's farmers new employment and income opportunities, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty permanently.

MIGIP - Agriculture by hand

A lot of work still done by hand

A lot of the work in the fields is still done by hand. This prevents small farmers from increasing their harvests without expanding the area they farm.

MIGIP - Demonstrate technology in workshops

Increase yield through machines

Farmers learn in workshops how to use the machines in agriculture and how they can grow crops such as rice or cassava with especially high yields.

MIGIP - More harvests thanks to irrigation

More harvests thanks to irrigation

New irrigation systems allow farmers to cultivate several times a year. This makes them less dependent on rainfall and climate change.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation supports Swisscontact's MIGIP project with the aim of using technology to permanently lift farmers in Cambodia out of poverty. ⇐


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MIGIP - Visions of change

MIGIP - Visions of change

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