Fit for the labor market thanks to vocational training

Fit for the labor market thanks to vocational training

The Happel Foundation Switzerland newly supports the YES project of HELVATAS Swiss Intercooperation in Tanzania. The aim of the commitment is to make disadvantaged young people fit for the labor market through short vocational trainings – in particular for young people from the central regions of the country. Many of them often have no qualifications or even dropped out of school. As a result, they hardly find work and live at poverty level.

The project currently offers vocational training in eleven occupational fields, including electrical installation, bakery, cosmetics and beekeeping.

The trainees receive theoretical and practical instruction and thus acquire the necessary skills and competencies.

Interactive learning units additionally enable self-study via cell phone at one's own learning pace. This is particularly helpful in very rural areas, where the distances to schools are very long.

The training usually lasts three months. Afterwards, the learners can find adequately paid employment on the labor market and permanently improve their living conditions.

In connection with the training, learners are also encouraged to become self-employed. Interested participants can attend additional courses. There they learn entrepreneurial skills such as business planning, marketing or financial management.

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