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Combat poverty permanently in delevoping countries

The Happel Foundation is expanding its activities in developing countries. The aim is to combat poverty permanently. The foundation is active primarily in the areas of food security, health, education and entrepreneurship.

By promoting the use of technology and novel effective approaches, the Foundation strives for efficiency and economies of scale.

Edulution – Learning with the tablet in Zambia and Namibia

Edulution supplements the overburdened state school systems in Zambia and Namibia with so-called learning centres. There the children can learn after the regular lessons - basic knowledge in mathematics and English is taught by means of tablets and special learning software. Each child is given its own account. This way they can learn individually, actively and at their own pace. The children are attended to by specially trained coaches.

Edulution - Learning software takes into account strengths and weaknesses

Pragya – Combat poverty permanently in villages in the Himalayas

Pragya - Access to water and health system

Pragya helps small-scale farmers in remote mountain villages to establish a sustainable livelihood. Due to the extreme seclusion of the villages and the difficult weather conditions in the Himalayas, the people there live in poverty and on the margins of society. Pragya brings development and progress to the regions and therefor combat poverty permanently. New cultivation methods secure the harvest, while new infrastructures offer access to drinking water, education and the health system.

ABALOBI - An app improves life for small-scale fishermen in South Africa

Abalobi is a smartphone application for small-scale fishermen in South Africa. The small-scale fishermen and their families live in great poverty. Using the Abalobi app, they can sell their catch simply and directly to restaurants, hotels, etc. in the region. This considerably increases their sales opportunities in competition with large suppliers, thus providing them with a secure income and cementing their place in the regional value-added chain.

Abalobi, South Africa - Small-scale fisherman in port with catch

MITO - "Nut bicycle" opens up market opportunities in Nepal

MITO - Woman on a converted nut bicycle

The small-scale farmers in the Karnali region of Nepal cultivate their fields under difficult climatic conditions. The sale of walnut oil offers them a way out of poverty. Thanks to a nut bicycle, the oil can be manufactured and sold in just a few days. The additional income provides food security and significantly increases the quality of life of the small-scale farmers and their families.

MIGIP - Progress through technology in agriculture

MIGIP is a project by Swisscontact. The aim is to increase productivity in agriculture through the use of innovative technologies. The project focuses on soil treatment, harvesting and storage. Required are approaches that farmers can afford and that allow them to increase their yields and produce sustainably in the longer term. This will give Cambodia's farmers new employment and income opportunities, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty permanently.

MIGIP - Demonstrate technology in workshops

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