Current Projects in Switzerland

Support for people in distress

The Happel Foundation focuses on supporting people in Switzerland (mainly Central Switzerland) who are in social and/or economic distress through no fault of their own doing; who are social hardship cases that cannot find support through public authorities or anywhere else and who are thus threatening to “fall through the cracks of the system”. This also includes institutions that give support to people in distress and specialize in working with such people in need.

FRITZ+FRÄNZI - A guide for parents and teachers

The education of their children is a challenge faced by parents, teachers and education professionals on a daily basis. Many aspects interact with each other and can lead to anomalies. Through in-depth knowledge, adults can detect possible problems in children at an early stage and react competently. Fritz+Fränzi is aimed at parents and teachers of school-aged children. It aims at being a guide that provides orientation and information about education and child-raising.

Fritz+Fränzi - Example dossier "Generation Smartphone"

OPENING DOORS - German lessons by women for women

OPENING DOORS - teachers with a lot of experience

There are many migrant women in Lucerne, who speak little or no German. This is why these migrant women end up living in isolation at home or in a parallel society. For this reason, the Sentitreff has launched the "Opening Doors" project. This is a language course for mothers and financially weaker women. There they learn German and more about everyday life in Switzerland. Meanwhile the young children of these migrant women are looked after in the Sentitreff in age-appropriate groups – so they too learn German in a fun way.

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The foundation supports projects that offer people “Help to help themselves”.

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About the foundation

The Happel Foundation is a charitable Swiss foundation based in Lucerne.