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The Happel Foundation is a charitable Swiss foundation. The main focus of its engagement is alleviating poverty sustainably. This includes promoting long-term improvement in the life circumstances of its beneficiaries. 

To this end, the Happel Foundation follows the principle of “help for self-help”. This means that the recipients of the funding are actively involved in the problem-solving and demonstrate the corresponding drive themselves.

As a general rule, the Foundation acts exclusively as a sponsor with funds. When selecting projects, particular emphasis is placed on impact, sustainability and scalability. The Foundation runs own operational projects only in exceptional cases if this is appropriate due to special circumstances and there is no other viable and effective option. In relation to its project partners, the Happel Foundation sees itself not only as a funder, but also provides impetus in terms of content where this seems appropriate.

The Happel Foundation is a Swiss charitable foundation domiciled in Lucerne. It was founded in 2006 by the Happel family and is being endowed with funds through the economic success of the family’s investments. It is thus independent of third parties and politically and religiously neutral.

In its actions, the Happel Foundation has two focal points of support. On the one hand, the Happel Foundation is expanding its activities in developing countries, focussing on Asia and Africa. On the other hand, the foundation supports people in Switzerland (mainly central Switzerland) who are in distress or disadvantaged in their social and economic development through no fault of their own.

·  Current international projects ·

Alliviate poverty permanently in delevoping countries

The Happel Foundation is expanding its activities in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The aim is to alleviate poverty permanently. A special focus will be put on the use of technologies and novel approaches in development cooperation. For more information please check our area of activities.

Here we present some of our current international projects:

· Current projects in Switzerland ·

Support for people in distress

The Happel Foundation gives support for people in Switzerland (mainly Central Switzerland) who are in social and/or economic distress through no fault of their own. This also includes institutions that give support to people in need. For more detailed information please check our areas of activity.

Here we present some of our current projects in Switzerland:

The Happel Foundation

Areas of Activity

The Happel Foundation supports projects according to the principle of “help for self-help”.

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About the foundation

The Happel Foundation Switzerland is a charitable Swiss foundation based in Lucerne.