InElam – project progress despite pandemic in 2021

Despite massive restrictions due to the corona pandemic, the InElam project continued to make encouraging progress in 2021.

To ensure the joint implementation of project activities, the project team has concluded agreements with nine municipalities. These covered project management, provision of funding and the development of policies. 

In 2021, an additional 1336 people found jobs in the enterprises supported by the project, more than half of them women. In addition, more than 300 businesses have again been established in the target regions.

In various communities, the project team has conducted market analysis on the local potential of various value chains, including plastic recycling, garment manufacturing, potato, Fuji apple, jackfruit, dragon fruit and walnut cultivation, and dairy products. Various private enterprises have begun testing new innovative business ideas – including dragon fruit farming and the production of shoe soles made from recycled plastic.

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