Areas of Activities

The Happel Foundation has two focal points of support. On the one hand it focuses on supporting people in Switzerland (mainly Central Switzerland) who are in social and/or economic distress through no fault of their own doing; who are social hardship cases that cannot find support through public authorities or anywhere else and who are thus threatening to “fall through the cracks of the system”. This includes institutions that specialize in working with such people in need. It is our goal to improve the individual in need’s overall situation in a sustainable and enduring way. In other words we help them to help themselves. This requires that the beneficiary of our aid will take an active role in solving his/her problems and will show a corresponding effort to better the dire situation he/she is in.

On the other hand the foundation will put resources into fighting poverty in developing countries. We will primarily be active in the areas of food security, health, education and entrepreneurship. A special focus will be put on the use of technologies and novel approaches in development cooperation to heighten efficiency and to reach economies of scale. If possible the resources and potential of the oceans will be used in an ecologically compatible and environmentally safe fashion as well.

The most crucial factors in making decisions are:

For projects in (Central) Switzerland:

– Residence / seat of the applicant or the beneficiaries in Switzerland, preferably region Lucerne
– Distress, discrimination, social hardship, no or only limited own fault, social focal point
– No support from State or other organizations possible
– Sustainability, i.e. support in the sense of a one-time booster results in continuous improvement of the situation or skills of the individual
– Self-motivation and personal contribution of the beneficiary

For projects in the area of development cooperation:

– No industrialized nation, no emerging market (there may be exceptions for emerging markets)
– Impact in at least one of the following areas: food security, health, education, micro entrepreneurship
– Usage of modern (communication) technology
– Link to the oceans (not mandatory)
– Scalability / replicability
– Sustainability, i.e. support in the sense of a one-time booster leads to continuous improvement of the situation or qualification of the beneficiaries

In addition to the appraisal of the project there will also be an examination of the applicant with regard to its reputation, efficiency, experience, operational excellence, etc.

The Happel Foundation is generally not engaged in the following areas:

– Environmental and climate protection
– Political advocacy and legal framework (including land rights, children’s rights, gender issues, etc.)
– Religious matters
– Emergency / disaster relief
– Culture and sport

Applications can be submitted on our application platform.

We do not accept applications via e-mail or letter post. Thank you for your understanding.