Help for children from families affected by addiction

Das Paradiesgässli ist ein freiwilliger Anlaufpunkt für suchtbetroffene Eltern und ihre Kinder.

Help for children from families affected by addiction

Children start in difficult family circumstances

The situation

If a person is formerly or currently affected by addiction (drugs, alcohol, medication, etc.), it affects their entire life situation. Addiction not only causes financial difficulties, but also leads to social exclusion, isolation and health problems. This has an impact on the entire family, especially the children. These are considered to be particularly vulnerable to adopting “wrong” behavior patterns from their parents and later being affected by addiction and poverty themselves. This is where Paradiesgässli comes in. It offers help for children from families affected by addiction and poverty.

The concept

At present, the Paradiesgässli supports around 100 children and young people in Lucerne with its programs Listino Kids (children <12 years of age) and Listo (children >12 years of age). In this way, they learn how to responsibly deal with money (pocket money handover) and the administrative processes of everyday life. They also receive help with their homework and in their search for an apprenticeship. In this way, they should be enabled to lateron live their lifes in an independent and financially self-sufficient way, despite their difficult family circumstances in their childhood.

Help for children

Listino Kids has a wide range of leisure activities for children up to 12 years old. There are group activities for small children and afternoons for families, children's camps and parent and child rounds.

Kinder können an Gruppennachmittagen mit anderen spielen, basteln und vieles mehr.
Jugendliche erhalten Unterstützung bei der Suche nach einer Lehrstelle.

Help for young people

Listo supports young people during their school years and vocational training. The focus is on age-related issues such as finding an apprenticeship, organizing leisure time, dealing with conflicts or the process of moving out. The young people learn to recognize their competencies, plan their finances and build a social network outside the family.

Paradiesgässli offers help for children and young people from families affected by addiction and poverty. In particular, they learn how to manage money and receive help with their homework. This increases their chances of later being able to live their lifes in an independent and financially self-sufficient way.

The parents

At the same time, specialists advise and support mothers and fathers with addiction problems. The aim is to increase their sense of responsibility and enable them to adequately accompany their children. They also find support in legal and financial matters.

“Paradiesgässli is like an island for me, sometimes the only place when it comes to me needing support.”
Roland, father and long time visitor at the Paradiesgässli

The approach of the “Paradiesgässli” is so far unique in Switzerland. It offers a voluntary contact point for parents who are formerly or currently addicted or otherwise affected by addiction or psychologically stressed. The programs Listino Kids and Listo provide help for children and young people directly. In this way, the Paradiesgässli makes an important contribution to equal opportunities for these children and young people who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation is a partner of the Verein Kirchliche Gassenarbeit Luzern in relation to its services at the Paradiesgässli. The aim of the commitment is to offer help for children and young people from families affected by addiction and poverty, so that they can develop positively despite their difficult family circumstances. ⇐

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