Tel143 – A contact point for people in despair

Projektpartner: Telefon 143 Central Switzerland – Die Dargebotene Hand

Help for desperate people

Tel143 – Die Dargebotene Hand is a contact point for people in despair. They can talk anonymously and openly about their personal fears and worries. The focus of the offer is on active listening and empathic existence. Those affected find an urgently needed neutral conversation partner when they are in an acute crisis. This allows them to sort out their thoughts and feelings. 

Such a conversation in itself often has a relieving effect. In this way, those affected can sort out their thoughts and find out which paths could lead them out of their crisis. On request, the trained volunteers can also give impulses and information about counseling centers. 

Tel143-Die dargebotene Hand bietet persoenliche Gespraeche für Verzweifelte

Urgent help for people in despair

Unresolved difficulties can lead to severe psychological suffering in some people. Affected by this are they themselves and their families. Without help, these difficult situations can escalate. Through conversations, those affected often see a way out again.

Tel 143 spürt den wachsenden Gesprächsbedarf bei älteren und jüngeren Menschen.

Loneliness among young people

Loneliness in particular is an issue these days. For a long time now, it has not only been older people, but increasingly younger people as well who feel lonely – despite the many communication tool. The need for conversation is steadily increasing.

Tel143 - Die Dargebotene Hand bietet Gespräche per Telefon, Mail oder Chat.

Talking on the phone, mail or chat

Tel 143 – Die Dargebotene Hand is there around the clock for people who need a help. It is a conversation partner on the phone, per e-mail or chat. The employees are trained and experienced interlocutors. They help those affected to activate their own strengths or recommend offers of help.

Telefon 143 Zentralschweiz – Die Dargebotene Hand is a conversation offer for desperate people in Central Switzerland. They can talk anonymously and openly about their personal fears and worries and find a way out of the crisis.

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The Happel Foundation supported Tel143 Zentralschweiz – Die Dargebotene Hand in expanding its services during the Corona pandemic. This enabled them to offer valuable help for people in despair in the region through conversations.

Tel 143 - Die Dargebotene Hand

Tel143 – Help for people in despair

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