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Project partner: Dachverband Budgetberatung Schweiz

Prevent debts with BudgetCH

Also in Switzerland many people live in poverty and have debts. And once affected, it is difficult to get out of this situation. It is therefore particularly important to prevent debts in good time or to reduce them again quickly.

One possible tool for this is the app BudgetCH from the Dachverband Budgetberatung Schweiz. Both individuals and families can use BudgetCH to prevent debt. They can use the app to control their spending more easily and to create a clear budget. BudgetCH has been actively used for years and has become an important tool for budgeting in private households.

Record income and expenses at any time with the BudgetCH app

Record income and expenses

The BudgetCH app allows every person to record private income and expenses anytime and anywhere. This way, he/she keeps track of their finances. BudgetCH is a free app for all popular smartphones (iOS and Android). 

Budgetberatung - Keep track of income and expenses with the BudgetCH app

App helps to learn how to handle money

The BudgetCH app helps to learn how to handle money. First of all, this means keeping track of current income and expenses. It is also particularly important to plan in advance for expected costs, such as taxes or medical treatment, and to create a long-term budget. 

App BudgetCH especially for young people

App especially for young people

The app appeals primarily to young people. Young people in particular need to learn how to handle money responsibly. But the app is not only suitable for individuals, but also for couples and families. 

The app BudgetCH app aims to promote financial literacy among the population. This helps to prevent debt and to fight poverty.

BudgetCH is available in German, French and Italian.

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The Happel Foundation supported Dachverband Budgetberatung Schweiz in the further development of the BudgetCH app.

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