InELAM – Jobs in the home country Nepal

Project partner: Helvetas

Small businesses develop products with local resources

InELAM is the successor project to the successful >> ELAM – Small Entrepreneurship in Nepal project. Elam promoted the development of local value chains and the establishment of small businesses between 2017 and 2020. As a result, over 1,500 businesses and 11,400 jobs have been created in the target regions in Nepal. 

Based on this experience, InELAM now aims to build further value chains. These are based on locally available raw and valuable materials. InElam uses market and feasibility studies to identify promising products and economic sectors. 

Together with specially trained business consultants, the project supports local small entrepreneurs. They can test and introduce new products and technologies. In the process, they gain valuable contacts to suppliers, customers, lenders and investors.

Successful explainer video produced

InELAM developed an animated explainer video on the basics and importance of a business plan, which has been widely used. More videos on other components of a business are planned.

InElam - Building networks and partnerships

Build important networks

InELAM continues to work closely with various market participants: Private sector, local and provincial governments and their agencies, organizations, service providers, etc.

InElam - harnessing the potential of returnees

Exploiting the potential of returnees

InELAM supports the local authorities in setting up a database. With its help, the potential of the remittances of the migrated Nepalis and that of the returnees shall be used optimally.

InELAM is the current successor of the effective >> ELAM project (2017-2020). By establishing small businesses, the beneficiaries secure their income and additionally create jobs in their own country Nepal. In doing so, the potential of returnees and remittances from emigrated Nepalis is to be optimally utilized.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation is a long-standing partner of Helvetas in its Elam/InElam project in Nepal. The project successfully promotes the establishment of small businesses and builds long-term networks and structures for jobs in the country. ⇐


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