Update Herbst 2021


Auszug aus dem EDULUTION REPORT Herbst 2021 (in Englisch):

Edulution is back in full swing after a disrupted mid year due to covid school closures. Zambian Grade 7 learning is progressing well and learners have completed 11 out of the 14 grade topics for
the year. Results show that grade 7 learners have been affected by school year disruption. The Grade 4 to 6 Level 1 to Level 5 program is in full swing in all countries and regular testing is occurring and learner progress through the playlists is being measured. Overall, 2021 learner outcome results are better then 2020 on a year to date comparative and it is hoped that covid social disruption is a thing of the past. The new centre openings in South Africa have occurred and we are now able to report we have substantial operations in three countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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