About us

The Happel Foundation in Central Switzerland

The Happel Foundation is a Swiss charitable foundation in Central Switzerland domiciled in Lucerne. It was founded in 2006 by the Happel family and is being endowed with funds through the economic success of the family’s investments. As a Swiss charitable foundation it is thus independent of third parties and politically and religiously neutral.

As a general rule, the Foundation acts exclusively as a sponsor with funds. When selecting projects, particular emphasis is placed on impact, sustainability and scalability. The Foundation runs own operational projects only in exceptional cases if this is appropriate due to special circumstances and there is no other viable and effective option.

Current projects of the Happel Foundation

Learning centers for math and English

Projects International

At the moment the Happel Foundation supports projects: for example, those which improve the perspective in the long term for farmers in India, as well as for pupils in Zambia and Namibia.

Support and emburse when needed

Projects in Switzerland

At the moment the Happel Foundation supports, for example, a project in Lucerne aiming for a better integration of migrant women, as well as a magazine covering family matters and child raising.