School education for orphans in Indonesia

project partner: Aquila Aurea Foundation

Orphans can continue to go to school

Indonesia lies along the so-called “ring of fire”. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and tsunamis occur again and again. These natural phenomena not only destroy buildings, fields and landscapes, but also repeatedly claim lives. Children lose their parents. 

The Aquila Aurea Foundation helps half-orphans and orphans in affected areas. Initially, they distribute baby food, powdered milk, canned goods, rice, instant noodles and books as emergency aid. Later, they cover school fees and the cost of uniforms and school supplies for half-orphans and orphans.

Aquila Aurea supports towards sponsorship for disadvantaged children

Sponsorship for disadvantaged children

Aquila Aurea sponsors disadvantaged children from kindergarten to high school, covering the cost of school fees, books, school supplies and uniforms, as well as a hot lunch.

Aquila Aurea helps through the (re)construction of schools

(Re)construction of schools

The Aquila Aurea Foundation provides school supplies and other assistance in areas affected by natural disasters. Thus, the foundation supports the maintenance as well as the construction or reconstruction of schools. 

Aquila Aurea provides first aid to families and children after natural disaster

First aid after natural disaster

The foundation provides emergency aid immediately after the natural disaster. In close cooperation with the communities, other organizations and the local authorities, the families and children receive immediate aid with essential goods. 

The Aquila Aurea Foundation supports underprivileged children, especially orphans (including half-orphans) in Indonesia. The focus is on the school education of the children. In addition, however, the nutrition of the children is ensured or, for example, emergency aid is provided after a natural disaster.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation supports the Aquila Aurea Foundation in its commitment in Indonesia for half-orphans and orphans. The aim is to provide them with the necessary school education. ⇐

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