Annual report shows success in 2022 in numbers


Edulution continued its success in 2022, opening 14 new centers in South Africa. At the end of the year, the Edulution Group was successfully coaching over 18,300 active learners per month. The project now includes 71 learning centers in Zambia, South Africa and Namibia and employed around 190 young, previously unemployed coaches. To date, the learners have completed more than 2 million hours of learning, mainly in mathematics. They have improved their academic performance by an average of 122% thanks to Edulution.


Edulution_Jahresbericht zeigt Erfolg in 2022 - Anstieg Lernende in Tausend. Quelle: Edulution Jahresbericht 2022

Effective learning requires active engagement, self-paced learning, and concept mastery in a fun and supportive environment. Edulution achieves this through a unique combination of technology, exciting content, effective coaching by carefully selected, well-trained and economically incentivised coaches. A comprehensive performance measurement system provides reliable and actionable analysis of the learning process.

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