Pragya supports remote mountain villages in the sensitive highlands

Pragya helps small-scale farmers in remote mountain villages to establish a sustainable livelihood. Due to the extreme seclusion of the villages and the difficult weather conditions in the Himalayas, the people there live in poverty and on the margins of society. The infrastructure is underdeveloped. The people there have no access to education and health care. In addition, the sensitive ecosystem of the Himalayas is noticeably exposed to climate change.

Pragya brings development and progress to the regions. Training courses show people ways to lift themselves out of poverty through new cultivation methods and cooperation - in harmony with nature and taking into consideration their cultural heritage.

Pragya - New cultivation methods secure harvest

New cultivation methods secure harvest

The people in the Himalayas live from agriculture. Each small family works a parcel of land. Despite the extremely difficult conditions in the mountains, new cultivation methods ensure a reliable harvest.

Pragya - Access to water and health system

Access to water and health system

Pragya offers access to clean drinking water and the health system. Hygiene and sanitation are key to the healthy physical and psychological development of children in particular.

Pragya - Access to education and the job market

Access to education and the job market

Children in remote regions are guaranteed access to education. This protects them against exploitation, improves their chances on the job market and in this way helps them to permanently escape the poverty trap.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation supports the Pragya organisation in the development of the secluded Himalayan villages in the fields of agriculture/nutrition, education, health and infrastructure. ⇐


Pragya - Equal opportunities and security for women

Equal opportunities and security for women

Pragya also provides access to education for women. Women are beginning to defend themselves against patriarchic structures, violence and discrimination. They are demanding equality and security.

Pragya - Networks strengthen their position

Networks strengthen their position

Through networks, the small-scale farmers can exchange valuable experiences and information and mutually support one another. Together they increase their political and social weight towards the outside world.

Pragya - Agriculture and climate change

Agriculture and climate change

The effects of natural disasters must be mitigated in the best possible way - through sustainable management in the sensitive ecosystem, and through the necessary infrastructure and cooperation of the small-scale farmers.

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