Clean drinking water thanks to water kiosks

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Establish drinking water supply in the long term

Clean drinking water is still not a given for many people. In particular remote rural areas are often excluded from projects to build drinking water infrastructure. In certain regions in Cambodia, for example, 4 out of 10 people have no access to clean drinking water. However, unclean water makes them sick. As a result, children cannot go to school and adults cannot go to work. Thus, unclean drinking water also has negative economic consequences in the affected regions.

This is where the commitment of 1001fontaines comes in. The goal is to enable the population to supply itself with clean drinking water in the long term through so-called “water kiosks”. To this end, a network of water kiosks is being established and important partnerships are being built up. The innovative model is based on a powerful combination of decentralized production and distribution of 20-liter bottles. 

Children are less sick and can go to school thanks to clean drinking water.

More kids can go back to school

Children in particular are most affected by diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. Experience to date clearly shows the effect. Children's days absent from school decrease by three quarters when they can drink clean water.

The water kiosks are social franchise microenterprises.

Sustainable business model

The water kiosks produce and distribute clean drinking water in 20-liter bottles. They are social franchise microenterprises. In this sustainable business model, they each create an additional 3 to 5 jobs.

270 water kiosks already supply 900,000 people with clean drinking water every day.

Concept successfully established

The concept of water kiosks has already been successfully established. In the meantime, 290 water kiosks supply around 900,000 people in remote areas in Cambodia with fresh drinking water every day. 

Thanks to the innovative concept of the “water kiosks,” people in rural areas of Cambodia also have access to clean drinking water. This not only has a long-term positive impact on their health, but also on the economy of the region, as they are available as a workforce. The water kiosks are developed as social franchise microenterprises and create additional jobs.

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