Fritz+Fränzi – A guide for parents and teachers

Project partner: Foundation Elternsein

A Swiss migh-quality magazine about child-raising

The education of their children is a challenge faced by parents on a daily basis. Children’s behaviour is influenced by many factors:

  • their character,
  • their home,
  • the school and
  • their environment.

Many aspects interact with each other and can lead to anomalies. Parents, teachers and education professionals have noted in recent years that such anomalies in children are becoming more and more noticeable. Through in-depth knowledge, adults can detect possible problems in children at an early stage and react competently.

The magazine Das Elternmagazin Fritz+Fränzi aims at being a guide and companion for parents and teachers. It picks up on current topics and illuminates them in a well-founded way. 

Fritz+Fränzi bietet Wissen rund ums Thema Erziehung

Guide for parents and teachers

Fritz+Fränzi is aimed at parents and teachers of school-aged children. It aims at being a guide that provides orientation and information about education and child-raising.

Fritz+Fränzi - 3 Beispiel-Ausgaben: "Helikoper-Eltern", "Hochbegabt", "Achtsamkeit"

Fritz+Fränzi is dedicated to topics related to the child

  • Family and child-raising
  • School and education
  • Child’s health
  • Media literacy
Fritz+Fränzi - Beispiel Dossier "Generation Smartphone"

Dossiers comprehensively shed light on a key topic

The core of each issue is a dossier of up to 25 pages. It comprehensively examines a specific topic, e.g. bullying, diet, puberty, child-raising without punishment, school, etc.

Fritz+Fränzi is a valuable guide for parents and teachers. The magazine has been published by the non-profit foundation Elternsein since 2001, has a certified circulation of almost 102,000 copies and is published ten times a year.

Fritz+Fränzi Special editions KINDERGARTEN

The special editions on the topic of kindergarten provide guidance on what the child can expect in kindergarten and how parents can support him or her.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation supports the Elternsein foundation with its magazine “Fritz+Fränzi” and also covers the costs for the distribution of the special editions to kindergartens in Central Switzerland. ⇐

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