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Edulution sponsors pupils with tablets and learning software

Primary schools in sub-Saharan Africa are hopelessly overfilled. A teacher teaches sometimes upto 60 children in the classroom at the same time. The children vary in age and development; time and material resources are limited. Effective learning is particularly difficult under these conditions.

This is where Edulution gets to work. Edulution supplements the state school systems in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa with so-called learning centres, where the children can learn individually after the regular lessons – basic knowledge in mathematics and English is taught with the help of tablets and special learning software.

Edulution - Learning software takes into account strengths and weaknesses

Technology improves prospects for learners

Each child is given its own account. This way they can learn individually, actively and at their own pace. The data is evaluated and transmitted to the coaches. This allows them to cater to personal strengths and weaknesses.

Tablets and learning software in a difficult environment

Tablets and learning software must be robust. Many learning centres are located in a hot and dusty environment. The mobile learning centres also work offline and can be used even in areas without a power supply.

Coaches attend to the children in the learning centres

Currently around 170 coaches are working in Zambia and South Africa. They support the children in their learning progress in mathematics and English and also help with the use of the learning software.

Edulution operates in Zambia, South Africa and Namibia

The first Edulution learning center was opened in Zambia in 2015. Since then, new learning centers have been added continuously – in Zambia, Namibia and, since 2023, also in South Africa. Thousands of children have already been able to use the software and improve their learning outcomes. Due to current developments, Edulution is currently focusing on Zambia and South Africa.

Edulution has already established over 70 centers in Zambia and South Africa. Over 18,000 learners receive a sound primary education in mathematics and English, giving them better prospects for the future.

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The Happel Foundation supports Edulution in decisively improving school education for primary school pupils in Zambia and South Africa with tablets and learning software.


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