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Basic optical care improves opportunities

According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 950 million people suffer from correctable refractive errors but cannot afford conventional glasses. In most cases, they also have no access to optical care. OneDollarGlasses developed a sustainable social business model to solve this problem, which consists of the following components: 

  • EinDollarBrille – the product: the glasses consist of a lightweight yet extremely strong spring steel frame.
  • Education campaigns about the importance of vision: through free vision screenings, outreach to schools and communities, etc.
  • Job creation and economic development: train local professionals to manufacture and sell the glasses
  • Training program for opticians: own one-year training concept for opticians. 
EinDollarBrille - Brille erleichtert Bildung und Arbeit

Sturdy glasses with shatterproof lenses

The glasses consist of a lightweight yet extremely strong spring steel frame and scratch- and break-resistant plastic lenses. It is manufactured on a simple bending machine that requires no electricity.

EinDollarBrille ermöglicht augenoptische Grundversorung

Eye tests ny local professionals

At schools and in communities, local professionals provide information about the importance of vision and the effect of glasses. They also offer free eye tests. This creates local jobs.

EinDollarBrille bildet OptikerInnen aus.

Own education as optician

In close cooperation with ophthalmologists and opticians, EinDollarBrille offers its own one-year training. This qualifies to find the best possible spherical lens during the eye test and to fit the glasses expertly.

The goal of OneDollarGlasses' activities is to provide people in India with continuous basic optical care and to enable them to purchase high-quality and individually fitted eyeglasses. Interested people can participate in a self-developed training as an optician.

OneDollarGlases – Better future thanks to glasses

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⇒ The Happel Foundation has been a strategic partner of OneDollarGlasses for many years and has been instrumental in setting up the program in India. This enabled thousands of people to be provided with robust glasses and basic optical care to be established.  ⇐

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