S4E – Vocational education for young people in Myanmar

project partner: Helvetas

Finding permanent work thanks to training

In Myanmar, a considerable proportion of young people are unemployed. Therefore they migrate to the big cities in search of work. There the demand for labor is high, but there are no qualified skilled workers. The country lacks structures for qualified vocational training for young people. This is now to change. In the long term, technical vocational training courses in particular are to be established.

This is where Helvetas' Skills 4 Employment S4E project comes in. S4E specifically supports vocational training for more than 2,000 young men and women in the Magwe region. In this way, they learn the necessary professional, entrepreneurial and personal skills to find permanent work or become self-employed.

Young people take part in the theory course for bricklayers as part of the Helvetas S4E program.

Various trainings offered

Currently the S4E project offers trainings in the following areas: masonry, motorcycle repair, ladies' coiffeur and ladies' tailoring. Other professional fields are planned.

The S4E program enables vocational training as a dressmaker.

Many successful graduates

Vocational training for young people is proving successful. Two-thirds of all graduates were able to find employment under fair conditions after their training or have set up their own business.

Now young people can also train to become a barber.

Further vocational training launched

Due to demand, new training courses are also being launched. For example, the range has been expanded to include training as a barber and the digital form for motorcycle repair. 

Through S4E, there is now qualified vocational training for young people in Myanmar in the first technical professions. This makes it easier for them to find employment on the labor market – and on fair terms. Or they can start their own business after completing their training. The training program permanently reduces poverty throughout the country. Further vocational training courses are planned.

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