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project partner: Fachstelle für Schuldenfragen, Luzern
(Center for Debt Counseling, Lucerne)

Sustainable ways out of the debt trap

Life crises can quickly lead people into the debt trap. There are many reasons for this: divorce, separation, illness, unemployment or other. And this is the case regardless of earnings. It can affect people from all population groups.

The Center for Debt Issues offers people help with debt. Those in trouble learn how to find a sustainable way out of the debt trap. This gives them the courage to solve the problem again in the long term. This also has a positive effect on their environment and their work performance.

Die Fachstelle für Schuldenfragen in Luzern bietet Beratungen für Betroffene im Kanton Luzern.

One in five people

Unpaid bills and warnings over a long period of time are the first signs that debt is piling up. According to Center for Debt Counseling, almost one in five people live in a household with payment arrears. It also creates a very stressful situation psychologically.

Die Grafik zeigt: Trennung, Krankheit und Arbeitslosigkeit sind die häufigsten Gründen für Schulden.

Many reasons for debt

To escape the downward spiral, early recognition is particularly important. To do this, those affected must in particular recognize the reasons. The most common are separation/divorce, illness/accident and loss of job.

Die Grafik zeigt die Dauer der Überschuldung. Je länger jemand von Schulden betroffen ist, desto höher fällt der geschuldete Betrag aus.

Seek help for debt early

The longer someone is affected by debt, the higher the amount owed. That's why those people should seek help and advice early on. This will enable them to avoid the downward spiral, tackle their problem in the long term and regain their courage.

The Fachstelle Schuldenberatung (Center for Debt Counseling) offers services for people seeking advice and their relatives residing in the cantons of Lucerne and Nidwalden, as well as professionals from municipalities, authorities, institutions and organizations. 

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The Happel Foundation covered the costs for the Fachstelle Schuldenberatung, Luzern (Center for Debt Counseling, Lucerne) to move to its central premises, where it can provide services for those people in need.

Die Fachstelle für Schuldenfragen Luzern bietet Betroffen Hilfe bei Schulden.

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