Support for families with seriously ill children

project partner: pro pallium

Specialists accompany affected families

The situation of families with seriously ill children is often characterized by enormous tension, fears and difficult decisions. In addition, there are also organizational challenges. An affected family is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – an emotional and organizational task.

The ambulant children's hospice service by pro pallium offers support for families with seriously ill children. Trained volunteers of the non-profit foundation accompany the families with various concerns and issues – from the beginning and beyond death.

Volunteer from pro pallium with an affected child at home

Individual support at home

A child with a serious illness prefers – whenever possible – to live at home in familiar surroundings with his parents and siblings. There the volunteers can respond to the wishes of the family individually and flexibly.

Pro Pallium - Volunteer working in family with seriously ill child.

Relieve everyday family life

An affected family is on call 24 hours a day, an emotional and organizational challenge. pro pallium takes all family members into account: the seriously ill children, but also the siblings and the parents. 

Volunteer from pro pallium working with a family with seriously ill child

Support and dialogue partner

The trained volunteers visit the affected families and relieve them in their everyday lives. For example, they create time-outs, accompany them to appointments and are available as dialogue partners.

pro pallium supports families with seriously ill children. The trained volunteers create time-outs, accompany to appointments and are available as competent dialogue partners.

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⇒ The Happel Foundation supported the non-profit foundation pro pallium in establishing the ambulant children's hospice service also in Central Switzerland. ⇐

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