Integration of migrants into the labor market

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Special catering service

In 2017, anastasis launched ETHNIC COOK, a special catering service. Its main feature is aperitifs and caterings full of international culinary specialties.

These are prepared by migrants according to recipes from their respective home countries. In this way, they can present themselves as cooks for jobs in the catering and hotel industry and gain a long-term foothold in the labor market.

At Ethnic Cooks caterings full of international specialties are created thanks to migrants

Wide range of international offers

Migrants from all countries of origin can join Ethnic Cooks as cooks. This creates a diverse range of international dishes for special caterings, aperitifs and banquets.


At Ethnic Cooks, migrants from all countries of origin work as cooks.

Integration into the Swiss labor market

The migrants can thus show their potential and make it useful for the Swiss labor market in the catering and hotel industry. This makes it easier for them to integrate.

Through Ethnic Cooks, migrants can present themselves for employment in the gastronomy sector.

New form of social catering

Ethnic Cooks is a newly developed, unique social special catering service. It makes a valuable contribution to a sustainably economic and social integration of migrants.

Ethnic Cooks offers a wide range of specialties from the countries of origin of the cooks, made according to original recipes for every occasion. The concept has been implemented and further developed by the non-profit association since October 2018.

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The Happel Foundation supported anastasis' “ETHNIC COOK” project, which promotes the integration of migrants into the labor market through a catering service.

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