Supporting sustainability

The Happel Foundation sponsors social and economic development

Better education thanks to technology

Projects International

The Happel Foundation is expanding its activities in developing countries. The aim is to combat poverty. A special focus will be put on the use of technologies and novel approaches in development cooperation.

Support for people in need

Projects in Switzerland

In Switzerland, especially in Central Switzerland, the Happel Foundation supports people who are in distress or disadvantaged in their social and economic development through no fault of their own.

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Areas of activity

The Happel Foundation follows the principle of "help for self-help" by promoting sustainable improvement in the life of its beneficiaries. The recipients of the funding are actively involved in the problem-solving.

From the projects

Edulution opens further learning centres

Edulution opens further learning centres

In the past year, Edulution has been able to open further learning centres in Zambia and Namibia. As a result, more than 10,000 children now benefit from the sponsorship programme.

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Thanks to the Abalobi app, small-scale fishermen have better access to the market

Abalobi - Better access to the market

Thanks to the "Marketplace" function, small-scale fishermen can sell their catch directly to restaurants, hotels, etc. in the region and maintain their place in the value-added chain.

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Areas of Activity

The foundation supports projects that offer people “Help to help themselves”.

Sponsorship application

Sponsorship applications can be handed in online on our application platform.

About the foundation

The Happel Foundation is a charitable Swiss foundation based in Lucerne.