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Jobs for people with mental disabilities

Wärchbrogg in Lucerne supports people with mental disabilities in their everyday work. It offers them sheltered jobs in the areas of production, retail and gastronomy. The people concerned are supported by specialists. This enables them to gain valuable experience for the labor market and build up professional perspectives. The aim is to integrate them into the labor market in the long term. This also enables them to participate more easily in social, civic and political life.

Among other things, Wärchbrogg takes on assembly jobs and office work. Because of the longer, predominantly sedentary jobs, the employees need well-equipped workplaces that are conducive to good health. This includes height-adjustable tables and back-friendly work chairs. They also need sufficient modern work equipment, such as sewing machines, to be able to complete orders on time.

Wärchbrogg - In the production room employees are supported in every respect needed and thus can build professional perspectives.

Supported through the working day

Wärchbrogg supports people with a mostly mental impairment. Currently, around 140 people share the 70 workplaces. The people concerned are supported by specialists in the fields of occupational psychology, social pedagogy and their day-to-day work.

Wärchbrogg - new sewing machines create new jobs and more people with mental disabilities can build professional perspectives

Build professional perspectives

Wärchbrogg takes on orders in the areas of transport, assembling, packaging, office work and confection. For example, they sew Santa Claus bags or assemble Easter nests. The people concerned gain experience and can build up their future professional prospects.

Wärchbrogg - Special orders can be carried out in a specially air-conditioned workroom.

Special room for special products

The employees carry out orders for trade, industry and the public sector. Thanks to a special workspace, they can also perform work with increased hygiene requirements. Furthermore there is a cold room for temperature-sensitive products.

In the Wärchbrogg in Lucerne, people with mental disabilities carry out various contract work in the areas of assembling, packaging, office work and confection for trade, industry and the public sector. In this way, they gain valuable experience and can build up professional prospects for themselves.

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The Happel Foundation regularly supports Wärchbrogg in modernizing its workshop. 

Wärchbrogg - Bridge to the labor market

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